Fire Claims – Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

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Fire Claims – Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim – After suffering a fire the homeowner will need to do file a claim for property damages so they can clean up and start to rebuild. Fires are devastating and sometimes homeowners will make a costly mistake during and after the settlement of their fire claims. Most will let a fire claim adjustor come survey their property and make the claim but there can be things that are missed during the initial claim. One thing to note is that after the insurance company sends you a check and closes the fire claims the homeowner has three years to add to the existing closed claim. This can be done if it is found that the damages were not assessed correctly. To help make sure that you get the right settlement for your fire claims, here are some tips to help you.

Document the damage to your home and other buildings

Take the time to inspect and document all of the damage yourself. If the home is not a total loss make sure that you take pictures of the damaged rooms. Try to take overviews and some close-up photos. Before you enter the room, hall, or closet take an overview. By doing this it will help you to organize your pictures and which ones belong to which room. For example, with the living room, take an overview, then go from top to bottom of the walls, ceiling, doors, and the floor.

Document damage to your contents

The next step is to go back to each room and closet to inventory your contents. For everything that is damage, including clothes, shoes, furniture, paintings, etc that have been damaged by the fire making sure to show the damage on the picture. Yes, this is going to take a lot of pictures but everything needs to be documented in order to get the right settlement. Make a list of all contents that have been damage. Once you have listed the damaged items and have the pictures take another look around the room to make sure that you have not missed anything. Make an inventory list for each room with the pictures attached.

Review your insurance policy

Yes, insurance policies are hard to understand but before filing fire claims you should take the time to review your police basics, such as how much coverage you have on your home, how much coverage is on your personal belongings, and how much will the policy pay for you to stay in a hotel.

Once you do fire claims the fire claims adjuster will cover to the site of the fire and start their own claim. Do not give them the original photos and inventory claim sheet but a copy. This will help them expedite the claim.

Insurance Covered Car Insurance Claims Basically a burning car can get compensation from the insurer. This is stated in the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standards Article 1 regarding Guarantee of Motor Vehicles. However, the insurance does not necessarily give the responsibility before knowing the cause. The cover or absence of claims by insurance, will be seen through the development of cases that occur.

Referring to these rules, fire may be covered by insurance for the following reasons. Firstly due to other adjacent objects or storage of motor vehicles. Also a fire caused by a lightning strike. Including that will be replaced is the destruction of all or part of motor vehicles on the orders of the authorities in the effort to prevent the spread of the fire.

If a fire occurs due to other causes such as audio replacement, or installation of other vehicle accessories, if you do not report earlier, insurance will only change according to initial conditions. Without a report, the insurer does not know what has been changed in the car. Therefore, for any modifications to his car, the policyholder must report to the insurer for having made a change of spec.

In the Motor Vehicle Insurance Standards Article 3 no 2 mentioned, the coverage (insurance) does not guarantee loss or damage to a motor vehicle or any direct or indirect costs caused by, as a result of, the following.

2.1. goods and or animals that are inside, loaded on, stacked on, disassembled from or transported by Motor Vehicles.

2.2. chemicals, water or other liquids, which are in Motor Vehicles except as a result of risk guaranteed by the Policy.

Therefore, cars burned by the use of perfume in it, for example, ready to lose because the insurance will not be willing to cover the claim. Including the case of fire for doing mobile phone content either through powerbank, or car lighter.

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